Kua Hawaiʻi serves as a liaison for Konohiki land lords, Chiefs, Native and Non-Native Tenants, Hoaʻāina, Peoples and Land Commission Award holders. Our goal is to help facilitate conversations with the occupying Government and Tax Map Key holders throughout Hawaiʻi. We aim to provide educational resources, examples and lend experience in reclaiming Hawaiian lands for rightful heirs. Our board consists of Konohiki, Chiefs and Native Tenants of the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, Kamehameha III heirs by Lineal Descent under Kamehameha III 1849 Peace Treaty with the United States and under his majesty Kamehameha III Constitution, Laws, Civil and Penal Codes of the Hawaiian Islands.

We will be assisting rightful heirs with Visitor management, regulating the division of Water for irrigation, Poll taxes, Land taxes, Labor taxes, Titles, Property, Access, Mineral rights, Streams, Aquifers, Springs, Farms, Tenants and Businesses located within various Ahupuaʻa on Maui and throughout Hawaiʻi - fraudulently being identified by use of TMK (Tax Map Key) Numbers by the de facto STATE OF HAWAII, COUNTY OF MAUI, COUNTY OF KAUAI, COUNTY OF OAHU, COUNTY OF HAWAIʻI, United States and the various COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENTS, Agencies and Agents.

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