Imperium Kipahulu Kai, LLC. quiet titled 196 acres in Kipahulu, desecrated sacred religious sites in the area.


Imperium Kipahulu Kai, LLC. who is a company based out of Dallas Texas quiet titled property in Kipahulu, Maui and with just a grubbing permit from the County, went beyond the scope of their permit - desecrating sacred religious sites in the process. Neighboring residents reported destruction to stream beds, debris disposed of in stream beds further altering the stream beds and causing hazards to residents further down the streams. Residents also reported desecration of taro patch infrastructure and cultural property including historical trees and other subsistence resources including taro patches. The County of Maui has issued a cease and desist order of the grubbing permit they issued and they are moving forward with legal action against the Company. Resource rangers served the company with cease and desists notice from the Land Commission Awardees of the 196 acres that Imperium Kipahulu Kai LLC. claims to own.

Resource rangers are scheduled to conduct a site inspection in July and an update will be posted at that time.